Grinding Teeth? Looking for an answer? We can help!

Grinding Teeth? Looking for an answer? We can help!

Grinding your teeth at night?

Get help today!


Not too long ago, my sister came to me for a dental check up. She was experiencing tooth sensitivity and was concerned. Because of her regular dental check ups (ahem), we were able to compare gum measurements over the past several check ups and discern that gum recession is most likely due to grinding her teeth at night.


Grinding teeth at night can cause dull headaches. 




Symptoms of grinding teeth.

Grinding teeth is medically called bruxism. In addition to global gum recession, the ADA recognizes several symptoms of bruxism:

  • dull headaches
  • jaw soreness
  • teeth that are painful or loose
  • fractured teeth.

grinding teeth diagram


Causes of grinding teeth.

These symptoms are most often attributed to stress and anxiety, however there are numerous other factors which can contribute. These include:

  • sleep disorders
  • an abnormal bite
  • teeth that are missing or crooked.

It has also recently been suggested that teeth grinding is associated with alcohol and tobacco use. People who use alcohol and tobacco are found to be twice as likely to grind their teeth (Journal of the ADA, November 2016)!


What we can do about it.

We have good news! At Integrity Dentistry we are well equipped to fit you with a mouth appliance or guard to wear when you sleep. This small appliance is something you can quickly get accustomed to. Many patients have shared that after beginning to use their mouth guard they found more restful sleep and alleviation from headaches and soreness of their jaw.


What about children?

It is important to note, that bruxism in children is common but is not usually attributed to stress. For children, bruxism is often caused by:

  • irritation in their mouth
  • allergies
  • misaligned teeth.


What should you do?

If you are concerned about your child’s teeth grinding or your own, please contact us for an appointment. We are ready to assist you!